VG Consulting participates in international seminar as part of Saint Petersburg’s initiative

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VG Consulting participates in international seminar as part of Saint Petersburg’s initiative 28.06.2017 13:57

28 June VG Consulting took part in the international seminar “New policies in Russian legislation and best European practices of waste management: environment protection approaches synergy” that was organised by Ministry of natural resources as a part of Saint Petersburg’s initiative.


The event was aimed at discussion of certain issues related to development of a new waste management system, problems that regions face execution of the new law “On industrial and household waste”, ways to improve statutory regulation, development of optimal ecological models of pilot projects and identification of efficient technological and engineering solutions that serve to solve ecological problems and raise funds.


During the session “Household waste including waste-to-energy system – Russian legislation and European experience” participants considered statutory regulation mechanisms directed at stimulation of recycling technologies implementation, regulatory environment and monitoring function in the field of waste management and German and French waste management experience.


During the second session “Industrial waste treatment including recycling of electric and electronic equipment manufacturing waste” participants shared experience in reduction of volumes of such waste and methods of recycling. Besides, cooperation of Russian Federation and other countries in creation modern electronic waste management system was considered.


Speakers presented 16 reports:

  1. Mechanisms of governmental regulation oriented on stimulation of recycling technology implementation.
  2. On operation of research guidance centre “Waste and secondary resource management”.
  3. General review of legislation amendments in the field of municipal solid waste management.
  4. German household waste management system.
  5. French waste management experience: financing, management and technologies.
  6. European experience in execution of ecological legislation in the field of illegal transportation of waste.
  7. Lassila&Tikanoja’s operation in Moscow region. Separate waste collection project in Dubna.
  8. Recycling of electric and electronic equipment manufacturing waste.
  9. Unilever’s measures to reduce industrial emission.
  10. Legislative and law-enforcement barriers of recycling.
  11. Technology for sustainable household solid waste recovery.
  12. Technological solutions for reduction of buried solid waste volumes.
  13. How to link company’s strategy with global “green” agenda? Baltika’s experience.
  14. Solid municipal waste management in Saint Petersburg.
  15. International cooperation of Russian Federation in creation modern electronic waste management system. UBA’s contribution
  16. Fulfillment of obligations of extended responsibility by household appliances manufacturers and importers.


Representatives of Ministry of Natural Resources, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Housing and Building, The Ministry of Economic Development, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety Provision Committee of Saint Petersburg, Ministry for Natural Resources and the Environment of Karelia and Natural Resource Management and Environmental Protection Committee of Pskov oblast took part in the event. Besides, representatives of embassies of France, Germany, Austria and Finland, consulate general of Denmark, Environment Agency of Scotland, European Union office in Russian Federation, United Nations Industrial Development Organization and other attended the seminar.

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191015 Russia, Saint Petersburg, Kavalergardskaya Street, 42