photo-1504607798333-52a30db54a5d_0One of the key success factors is existance of strategy developed based on the long-term forecasts and analysis of competitive advantages, strenghts and weaknesses. Stragegy should include execution plan and estimated financial resource plan.



Strategic advisory includes basic services such as desk market researches and preparation of investment memorandums and complex services such as development of corporate strategies, implementation of corporate management systems, business planning, spatial planning and other strategic planning documents development.



pexels-photo-669617Improvement of operational efficiency is achieved through the reengineering of  business processes, planning and control methodologies, implementation of contemporary information technology.



VG Consulting supports clients in the development of methodology for budget planning, management and tax accounting, company reorganization and implementation of internal control and asset management systems, assistance in the IT systems implementation projects.



photo-1462206092226-f46025ffe607Investment planning is required for the smart structuring and execution of investment projects in the limited financial resources conditions.





VG Consulting can design investment prioritisation criterias and methodology which might be also used for the budget planning purposes, conduct feasibility studies for a planned project, including development of financial model for fund raising.

For quick project launch our consultants can be outsourced (duration of outsourcing can not exceed 3 months).



0e0m5w9o3vProject management becomes an alternative to traditional management systems which requires not only adjustment of business processes but also change in quality and flexibility of human resources.




VG Consulting helps to create required frameworl for implementation of project management and provides change management services implicating series of training sessions for the clients’ personnel.



Additionally, VG Consulting can provide services on the project management IT systems implementation, including the standard components (time schedules, resource plans, reports, key performance indicators, decision-making support) and set of online courses for the personnel distance training.


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