Vodokanal starts redirects waste discharges into Karpovka river to North aeration station

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Vodokanal starts redirects waste discharges into Karpovka river to North aeration station 19.01.2018 19:24

SUE Vodokanal of Saint Petersburg is conducting a project titled “Construction of intercepting sewage network for redirection of combined and utility discharges into Karpovka river in Petrogradskiy district”. The project includes redirection of 15 combined and household discharges with total flow of 766 500 cm per year (2 000 cm per day). Besides, provisions to redirect related surface inlets into Karpovka are made.


The project is proceeding according to the schedule. The construction terminal date is December 2019. By now preparatory work is completed; it included acquisition of permission to conduct construction from Governmental Administrative and Technical Inspection. Pipe routing has been started and 80 meters have already been completed. Project costs are included in Vodokanal’s investment programme in 2017 and planned for the period 2018-2019. Total cost of the project is RUB 312 mln.


New collectors for redirection of discharges will be routed on two banks of Karpovka river: from Barochniy bridge to Medikov prospect and from Petropavlovskaya St. to Petrogradskaya naberezhnaya. The total length of network will be 2055,5 m with the diameter of 800 mm.


Karpovka is one of the largest rivers in the city’s centre and household waste of the closest apartment block is still discharged into it. The river flows in Petrogradskiy district in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg between Bolshaya Nevka and Malaya Nevka rivers. Karpovka is classified as mildly contaminated. Most frequently unsubstantial excesses of cooper, zinc and KOI are observed.


Execution of the project will result in improvement of river’s water quality and overall environmental situation in Petrogrdskiy district. Additionally, it will support the city’s image and help comply with the requirements of international recommendations of Helsinki committee.


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Vodokanal constantly takes measures to eliminate remaing direct discharges. 1,5% of sewage water that should be purified has its specific features. As a rule, these direct discharges are located in central districts of Saint Petersburg with restrained urban conditions. The flow is small but elimination of these discharges requires execution of complicated and costly projects. Redirection of discharges in to Karpovka river belongs to such projects.

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