VG Consulting team has considerable work experience in international and Russian consulting companies as well as government bodies and institutions.

General director of VG Consulting in addition to the general management actively participates in the performance of consulting projects regardless of the client's size or the project scope.


‘In negotiations with a new client we need to get confidence that project can be performed in a qualitative and timely manner, so the key attention is given to the understanding of the client's expectations from the consultants invervention to the project. Price is less important.’

‘Proposed solutions can influence not only our clients but sometimes also they have an integral effect on the economy of Saint Petersburg which means that each recommendation should be backed by in-depth and diverse analysis.’

‘We can consider ourselves as a successful consulting company when our clients come back to us with the new projects.’

Dmitry Sinkin, general director of VG Consulting




Experts and consultants of VG Consulting have an industrial and professional expertise required for the execution of the various consulting projects and provision of value-added services to our clients.

Knowledge and experience in business analysis, investment projects evaluation, fund raising, public-private partnerships, taxation and innovations eco-system development support our clients in making balanced decisions in the long-term horizons.

In case experts and consultants of VG Consulting do not have any subject-matter expertise required for the project, external experts and partners of VG Consulting are involved for the quality assurance. Projects that require legal or technical expertise are usually conducted in cooperation with external experts.

The current network comprises over 20 experts.



Our consultants have the different experience and personal background but they are united by the team work skills, spacious mind, openness, amicability and informal approach to work.

If you want to become the part of our team, please send your CV to or apply for a position listed in Vacancies.

191015 Russia, Saint Petersburg, Kavalergardskaya Street, 42